Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter Egg Hunt!

Today was my little baby boy's first Easter Egg Hunt, and Jakob's real first one with other kids. Jake has done others in our house the past couple of years, but nothing like this. I am not sure if it was just put on by one of the churches, or if it was the city association, but it was huge! Lots of business in the neighbourhood sponsored it, and they needed that sponsorship. There were SO many kids there. It was a mob scene! And Jason overheard someone comment that they had laid out 25,000 eggs! Crazy, right? They had it pretty organized. They divided up the park lawns and spread out eggs everywhere. Each area was for a different age group, 1&2's, 3&4's...etc, etc. So Jason went with Aiden and I took Jakob. What a mad house. The boys weren't phased at all, they were loving it. It was a beautiful sunny day, probably in the low 80's, with a slight breeze. (yes, low 80's in April- I will surely melt this summer!)

Jakob blew through the field at an alarming pace, filling his bucket very fast. So we were able to quickly head over to the younger kiddo's field and see Aiden figure out what to do with the eggs!! He did a great job. Daddy carried the bucket and Aiden toddled around grabbing a few eggs.
Jakob would not stop for me to get a good photo - this is the best I got!
Aiden and Daddy hard at work....

Big Brothers are good helpers.....

More Easter Extravaganza tomorrow.... egg hunt at home, brunch out (thank goodness), egg hunt with friends, and then yummy dinner at home with all kinds of yummy treats - pics and recipes tomorrow!

Hope you all have a wonderful Easter!

Take Care,

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J said...

Gotta love Easter in the South--we could always hunt outside in our nightgowns with no coats! But then, we could wear shorts some Christmases too. Which is why all those images of snow never made sense to me. It was blustery up here, making egg hunts outside quick.