Friday, April 3, 2009

Fixation Friday....Askinosie

So as many of you may know Askinosie contacted me about sending me some of their amazing chocolate. I had mentioned them in a previous blog post, one about the differences in chocolate. I am working on recognizing the differences and the qualities of some fantastic chocolates. So when Askinosie sent me this email, I jumped at the chance. Free Chocolate??? Sign me up. You can imagine my surprise when just a few days later this big box arrived at my door. I literally squealed when I saw it. I was so excited to open it up and see what was inside. I could not believe my eyes...they had sent me three, yes three, bars of chocolate and a container of cocoa!

Here they are...the bars were wrapped up together so nicely. I am in love with their packaging!

I hate to admit that we have yet to open it up. Jason and I are planning a tasting session. (but he has been in the field for most of the month of March!) Since all three bars are from different parts of the world (one from Mexico, one from the Philippines, and one from Ecuador) we figured a proper tasting session was in order. A great bottle of wine, small deliberate bites of chocolate, deep intellectual discussion of every bite. And I am not being sarcastic here...I am being truly serious. This is serious chocolate that deserves to be treated properly. I thought about baking with it, but really want to experience it first. So the cocoa will be for baking. I have a brownie recipe that is calling for it...Or maybe Dorie's World Peace Cookies....those are worthy of it for sure.

If you have any tips for our proposed tasting session, please send them along in the comments section...I would love some!

So until then I look at my beautiful bars of chocolate in their delightful packaging and wait....but not for will power is only so strong.
Good night for now.
Take Care
Love Big, Bake Often

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