Sunday, April 26, 2009

I have been adopted...again!'s true. The first time was almost 35 years ago when my parents brought me home from the hospital. This time is me and my blog! Kristen over at Dine and Dish organizes this amazing event to help us newbie bloggers team up with some "veterans" to help us build our blog to be better and more out there. I signed up for Adopt a Blogger #3 a couple of weeks ago and have been patiently (not really) waiting to see who I would be paired with..... and I am super excited about my match!! And it is kinda funny too. I have been "adopted" by Rachelle over at Mommy? I'm Hungry! Not to be confused by my BFF J over at Mommy, Hungry! See....kinda funny eh?

Rachelle is a Mommy to three kiddos, participates in some of the same baking groups that I do, and loves to blog about her yummy food and kiddos too. I think we are going to be a good match. Rachelle has the exposure that I am hoping she can help me with. I want to get my blog name out there. I want to host the kind of giveaways that she does. To get the amount of comments that she gets. Exposure....that is my goal.
I am really excited to see how this will play out. I really hope that she doesn't mind me asking all kinds of questions and sending her lots of emails and tweets (I am so glad she tweets!! - or is that twitters?).

So here I go...embarking on a new friendship and's good to be adopted. The first time worked out great! (HI Mom!) And I have a good feeling this will too!

Take Care,
Love Big, Bake Often


Maria said...

Have fun!! What a great team:)

CB said...

I didn't know you were adopted? wow. Rachelle sounds like a great match but I'm gonna be honest and say I was kinda hoping you'd be my newb. *sniff* Weird huh?

Brenda Campbell said...

I like my mentor too! She is loads of fun and has great suggestions, your goal is pretty close to what mine is LOL

Rachelle @ "Mommy? I'm Hungry!" said...

Awh, how sweet! I am glad we've been matched up, and have quite a few things in common. Yes please email me, twitter, facebook, whatever....I'm here to help! =)

Time to run off and get the kids at school...