Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I'm Obsessed....

I have an obsession. I am obsessed with fabrics. And all the ideas of things that I "want" to make with said fabric. I plot things out in my brain, buy things that I think I need. And then very few projects are getting made. I understand that I have alot going on, things that take up so much of my day.....two boys and all. But it makes me think of things that my teachers use to write on my report cards, and things that my mother use to say to me growing up. How I would get all these big ideas in my head, get all excited about something, and then not complete it.
So this is my plan:
1. Stop buying fabric.
2. Make things with the fabric I have.
3. See if I am any good at sewing or if this is just a hobby for making things for my friends.
4. Give the things I make to people I care about.
5. And then maybe buy more fabric!!

There will be a few posts about the things I am making as I go along...... 1st on the list is a picnic blanket for the boys....I bought this awesome fabric for them - and thought it would make a great picnic blanket fabric.

Oh...and here is the cupcake fabric that I cannot wait to make into an apron for my BFF's daughter.

I will keep you posted on the projects as they develop! With hubby away for the next couple of nights I hope to get something completed!! If the wine doesn't interfere!

Take Care,

Tania Love Big, Bake Often


J said...

Oooh, oooh, can Sis be the BFF's daughter, even though I think it must be J9's N? What fun fabrics!

ctteach said...

Love it!!! How cool are those fabrics!! When will you sleep with all the baking/sewing that you do???? :)

Rachelle @ "Mommy? I'm Hungry!" said...

maybe we can help get each other sewing! I haven't really sewn since Jr High, lol and wish I knew how to actually make stuff. I have 2 machines that are badly neglected. Maybe one day I can have an Etsy shop.