Monday, April 6, 2009

Monkeys on Mondays

Ok...So lets try some themes on certain days. I have Fixation Friday, when I divulge all my chocolate obsessions. And of course Tuesdays with Dorie (though I have been a miserable slacker). And last week I did a Thoughtful Thursday. So why not Monkeys on Monday? I will let Monday be my day to share pictures and tidbits about my boys.

Here are some pics of Jakob and his soccer practice....and of course Aiden looking serious as he cheers him on. Jakob is still pretty shy at soccer, and spent the last 15 minutes of practice sitting on his ball convincing himself that his coach is scary. I can only hope that he comes around before the games begin in two weeks. And as frustrating as it is, it seemed the more I encouraged him to play, the more stubborn he became, I wonder where he picked up that trait?

So there we have our first post for Monkeys on Monday! Hope you like it.

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