Thursday, April 23, 2009

Thoughtful Thursday...Beginning of Summer

I cannot believe I am typing that.... Summer is starting here in GA. It got up to 85 degrees here today. It was HOT. So if this is what it is like in spring, I am really scared of what summer is going to be like. But the first signs of summer makes me think about what I love about summer. Late nights, late sunsets, popsicles, the smell of sunscreen (always a must), bug spray (going to buy stock, they are horrible here), grilling out (Jason's term), BBQ's with friends, hanging out in the driveway having beers with neighbours, trips to the ice cream store..... and so much more! So tonight we began our trip into summer by having popsicles after dinner, the yummy corn syrupy bad for you kind! YUM! It was the first popsicle of the season....and Aiden's first ever! Too much fun! Had to be done! And a good thing it happened on tubby night!
What are some of the first signs of summer for you? What do you look forward to as the season changes to summer? Favourite summer memory?

Here are the boys first summer popsicle pics:
Good times, good times! Now it is time for those tubbies....
Take care,
Love Big, Bake Often


CB said...

Your boys are SO cute! Love the orange tongue shot :P

Jamie said...

Very cute! Bo hasn't had a popsicle yet -- we'll have to try that soon!

ctteach said...

Let the fun begin:)

Team Wallace said...

They are adorable! We will have to find a snowball stand so we do not melt once it starts getting REALLY hot.

J said...

Oh, you're a tease. It isn't even in the 50s here yet this morning and will barely top 60 today. Apparently, it's going to be 75--whoo-hoo--tomorrow, and so we are going to the big zoo. But truly, if it never got above 75, it would be just fine with me. Enjoy those popsicles.